Potatoman (was egg-shaped guy)

Hello guys! This is my first post and first WIP! :expressionless: Nice to meet you! :slight_smile:

After having played with Blender for some time and having browsed and read many posts in this great forum, I’m trying to model and rig my very first character (after the tutorial biscuit character in the Blender user guide). As a first try I’d like to start with a relatively simple character - not bothering much about realistic proportions and so on. This is how this egg-shaped guy took shape. I know I’ve probably made lots of errors and many things are still missing (eyes, more detailed eyelids, more fingers in the feet?, etc.). So please, let me know your C&C and suggestions, as I want to learn. 3D modelling is very funny! :smiley:


Looks like he could be one of the California Raisins.

LOL I didn’t know what they are (I am italian), but I’ve googled them :wink: hehheehee

I’m testing a procedural skin shader for the egg-shaped guy. I don’t like how veins are on the feet: too straight! I like the effect on the body (or face?) though. Any suggestion?


edit: changed thumbnail view to full-size view

One tip: Finish your modeling before you start to work on the textures. This isn’t the best workflow choice for every artist, but I think you’ll find it much faster than going back and redoing your textures because they don’t fit on your model correctly after you make changes. His fingers need bends in them! This guy looks a little like Mr. Potatoe Head if he were real. Nice work so far :slight_smile: Very expressive I like that!

Thank you Desoto! :smiley:

Yes, the skin was just a quick test before going to sleep yesterday - it is not UV-mapped (I still have to learn it!), I just messed up a material and tried to apply it to the mesh. I’m going to continue modelling him without that texture on. I want to follow the correct workflow.

Tonight I’ll go on modelling and I’ll surely follow your suggestions. I think I should also make the hands and feet look less flat and add fingers to the feet. I’m also going to try to model those Pixar eyes - I found links to some tuts about them in this forum, I must find them again.

Maybe I should name him potatoe-shaped guy? :smiley:

Ok, here he is. :smiley:

Now he has new hands with finger bends - I had to remodel the hands from scratch as I wanted to eliminate triangles that were present in the old ones.

Now he also has got cool Pixar-style eyes! The tutorial on http://blenderchar.weirdhat.com/eyetute/ is very good and easy to follow! :slight_smile:

What do you think of him? C&C & suggestions are very welcome!

Next things I want to do: model new feet with fingers… and…
do you think he needs nostrils to breath? And teeth to eat? I wanted to build a simple model to rig, but modelling him is getting really funny! Let me know if you think that it is better to keep it simple to begin experimenting with rigging.


P.S. over his left arm I see an artifact, like as OSA was not on (it is at 16). What can be it due to? Perhaps to buffer shadows?

GREAT eyes! they look good and deep. is he gonna fall off of a wall and will all the kings men be able to put him back together again? lol…sorry had to say it.

GREAT eyes! they look good and deep.

Thanks zachboy82! I must say that that deepness effect was achieved only after applying a proper light to the eyes in a separate layer, as explained in the tutorial.

is he gonna fall off of a wall and will all the kings men be able to put him back together again? lol…sorry had to say it.

hum… LOL :smiley: I don’t know that story :expressionless:

oh uh…the story goes, humpty dumpty sat on a wall
humpty dumpty had a great fall,
all the kings horses and all the kings men
couldn’t put humpty dumpty back together again.

an old nursery rhyme from mother goose.

Here in Italy I had never heard it. Thanks for the explanation. :smiley:

New feet! :smiley:


Ho ho… he is looking at you… %|

I’m pretty sure the “artifact” is just OSA doing its best to blender two highly contrasted colors together smoothly. I wouldn’t worry about it. If you have Full OSA on for both the floor and the character it might be better but honestly if this fellow is going to be moving you’d never see such a subtle problem. In fact, small imperfections are what make things look real (something that a lot of CG in films lack i.e. Star Wars I, and II). His eyes are really need! He needs toe nails and finger nails :smiley:

I was right thinking of nails too! :smiley: Yep, he needs them and I’ll do for him!
Thank you for your comments and explanation of that artifact, Desoto! :smiley:

I really like it! :o great job, especially considering this is your first WIP!

Thanks qwe! :smiley:

Yes, it’s my first attempt to model (and hopefully texture and rig) a full character. Since I’ve downloaded Blender, a couple of months ago, I’ve already modeled other things - organic and not - to learn this wonderful software. 3D modelling has always fascinated me. I modeled hands, noses, tables, vases, or simple objects with particular renderings (like the caustic rendering in my avatar). My organic models were always awful, so I did not finish them. I only finished the caustic scene in my avatar and a radiosity scene with a table, but I did not post them. Even though I did not post, I read this forum on a regular base, to try to learn.

This egg or potatoe guy is the first thing I got that I considered worthful to try to complete - with the help of the guys of this forum, of course! :wink: - so I posted it.

The manicure came here… and he has got fingernails and toenails now! :smiley:
I also retouched feet and hands and some other small features. Isn’t he cute? :slight_smile:

Next: I think he needs nostrils and teeth, doesn’t he?

C&C please? :smiley:


This Potatoman has nice hands and feets (looks like hobbits but less hairy :D)

Thank you f41t3r! :smiley: I would like to put some hair on him, but first I must learn how to!

And now… nostrils! Now he can breath also through the nose! :stuck_out_tongue:


Lookin’ good— I think the toenails look better than the fingernails; somehow, the fingernails just look pasted on.