potential render service

I am thinking of selling render time on my computer. I was wondering if anyone is interested? does anyone have ideas on how te best way to go about that is?
my Comp is:
dual core Intel Core2 Duo E6400 OCed to 3.0GHz (completely stable)
Radeon X1950 PCIe Graphics card
250GB SATA 3.0 Gb/S Seagate Hard Drive
if anyone would like to do a “beta test” PM me and I’ll render for the first 5 people for free as a test.

I doubt anyone would pay very much for it because you have only one pc… it is a very nice one but it would only be interesting if you had about 20 of them.
look at this thread - as you can see, respower is MUCH cheaper than you could be (except if you offer your renderpower for as little as 1$…) and at the same time MUCH faster

no offense… hope you understand it :slight_smile:

no offence taken! thanks for the feedback!
I’d like to test out my work flow anyway, so I’m willing to do a few projects for free for a little while if anyone would like to try. and once I establish my workflow, I may consider starting a service for around $1 for renderpower.
let me know if you want to try!

For something that so many users want, there really doesn’t appear to be a lot going on. BURP is your best bet. burp.bonic.dk.

I’m still working with Xgrid, but on a much more limited basis with the public. It works extremely well on my local network with 7 agents. Using it over the internet still is tricky for those not familar with Xgrid’s command line interface. Also there is that little problem that we never did get anything but MacOS X units to actually connect to the grid.

Frankly it is easier to use Apple Qmaster to create a distributed rendering grid than Xgrid due to the lack of a nice GUI interface to Xgrid. (Although if Apple had kept the nice GUI interface, it might be a different story.) Problem with Qmaster is you need FCP or Shake to get access to the software. But it works great on a local network.

At the end of the day, $60 a month for preium rendering services on ResPower is hard to beat.

Unimatrix: I unfortunately have a single PC…lol. I am just looking for a way to make it not idle. it seems like a shame for it to be not doing anything!
alot of people have access to one computer that will run blender efficiently which is usually their rendering computer too. I have acess to multiple blender capable computers, so I thought I could rent out rendering time. I’m no respower, but I also have no per frame time limit.
again, I am willing to do some renders for free if anyone wants something done.
this is much more for me to experiment than anything else.


Definitely check out BURP. Don’t know how that’s progressing, but it seems promising.