Potion Glass - BIG crits needed

I’ve just recently started with Yafray and am currently creating some items for a computer game… one of them is a potion I recently started modeling. I need some very big critics on this one. I feel it is very incomplete, the scene setup is screwed up and so on… so please critizise as much as possible. Materials, modeling, continued modeling, how to work yafray, scene setup etc… please post! Anything will be great!

The model consists of a metal part in the bottom with small “anchors” hooking up to the glass. The top of the potion isn’t finished yet though.

One of my troubles is with how Yafray renders glass. How do I get nice transparent glass shadows? What would be the best way to put liquid in the glass? Should I make one “layer” of glass or two, with one on the inside?


The shape is very vague and hard to critique in that render… Try to make a render that shows the shape more clearly, as well as maybe posting some orthographic views from the 3D view screen.

I uploaded a few in-3D screenshots, as well as a more lit render. If you want, I can reposition the camera to get a better view of the glass. Thanks!

EDIT: added more screenshots, one from under and one from under. Also redirected the lights to light up the interesting parts. If you need more references, just post saying so :slight_smile:


Also, for transparent shadows and caustics , shine a ‘photon’ spotlight at your glass(it doesn’t matter which intensity or direction). Try to keep it just on your glass though, cause photon lights, while nice looking, are inefficient, so you want to conserve caustics photons as much as possible.

Blackboe: Thanks a lot for your tips! Right now I am making some “photon” light experiments, since I didn’t know Yafray automaticly created that in Blender. Let’s hope it all goes good.

While deleting the glass to train myself more with Yafray, I put immense effort into texturing the bottom properly. The bottom will be very small, maybe a few pixels but I still wanted to put the effort in it. Comments are liked as usual. (for those who don’t know, the bottom “anchors” (the little hooks) hook onto the big glass that’s supposed to be there soon)

I’d like some crits on the specularity and the material (not the texture) settings. My scene is lit by one spotlight and a point light.


Sorry for double posting, but I have a MAJOR update. Mostly I fixed up the scene, added a temporary glass mesh (not the final one) and added some nice glass material to it. I think it looks pretty good. I also have a photon light pointed at it now, giving it some caustics. Tell me what you think! C&C are very welcome!

  1. Render in OSA 8, Yafray, GI on (low), JPEG, 800x600
  2. Wireframe of the whole thing. Glass mesh is temporary.
  3. The scene setup. Selected is the photon light (400.000 photons, blur 0.2)
  4. The texture.