Pots And Pans WIP Need some help

Hello everyone! it has been a long long while since i have been on here or even worked with blender, this is my first serious project in over a year…

what can i do to make the back wall and counter top look more realistic?
i plan on adding some more elements to the picture as well
thanx in advance for your comments =]


While I know this doesn’t seem directly related to what you want to improve (wall & countertop), it actually is… First step IMO is to get your lighting setup more appropriately. There are some harsh and conflicting shadows, I recommend removing one of the lamps (or spots) that you currently have and replace it with two fill lights (no shadows), 1 warm and 1 cool. For more info head to Blender Cookie for the three point lighting setup tutorial.

Once you’ve got that roughed in, your textures and models will really show themselves, then making advice on wall and countertop will become much easier. Looking a bit forward though, I’m going to guess you will need some normal maps for the wall and the countertop surface will depend. In both cases it will come down to references I’m sure that is “like” what you are trying to create. (is the wood surface to be more like a countertop / glossy or more like a cutting board / matte for example).

Start with the lighting though, you will be surprised at how much impact that has.

thanks quand, i am going to tweak it now, also, i have a box around the whole scene because when i rendered i could see the blue color from the “world” on the pots,

Two options there as you aren’t showing the background colour in your pic.

  1. change the background colour to what you want reflected.
  2. change the mirror setting to fade to material instead of fade to sky.

I think the pots look too dark compared to the surroundings.

Personally, I would go HDRI & mask:

http://ict.debevec.org/~debevec/Probes/ <— Interiors, recommended for what you are working on

Resources @:

or fake them

but LoopyShane’s suggesting is a good one too: “2. change the mirror setting to fade to material instead of fade to sky.”

It really depends on how “fancy” you want to get (I would say effort put into it but once you’ve learned these techniques, they’re effortless).

i have added a few things, to the scene , also i change the lighting setup, and materials, i did not watch the HDRI how to yet, i think this image is looking at little bit better, the utencils are looking a bit strange to me though… would you guys like to check out the blend file? i can put it up if so


aren’t the bricks just a little too small compared to the spoon and fork? I also would create a bump/height/normal map for them. An easy way to do that in blender is to use the noise and smooth modifiers. At least in 2.49 they create a nice bump map if you use them on a plane with the texture assigned to.

I know the bricks aren’t the topic here but in my opinion they’re pulling the whole impression done. Also the reflection background is for everything but the pan very confusing (IMO), try to use something more complex.

thanks for your inout kirri , the bricks are messing the whole thing i agree, here is an updated image with the hdri, i think i will remove the planes i have to make the white reflects on the pots, does anyone know where i can get good brick backdrops? because this is several planes with the same image on them so its not strechtd


i am rendering the image now with out planes in reflection

how is ths one looking ? i am searching for brick inages now tho