Pots and pans

Here is a set of pots and pans I am working on…
Let me know if you think this looks done…

Thank you!
I appreciate your support.

looks good!

My only critique is the watermark, nobody is going to steal your images and it looks unprofessional.

Okay thanks!

I agree, I thought it was part of the set at first. The set is modeled well. The materials could use some extra texture like scratches and such, but the materials work as is. I feel like cooking something up now.

Oh nice. Haha. Thanks!

Looking good so far.

I have two critique points; one of which has been mentioned (the scratches). The second is that you seem to be using a HDR image or mirror texture, which isn’t a bad thing at all… but I’d chance it to another image as this one sort of makes it look as if there’s mold inside the pans.

Okay thanks people!

Here is another render without the HDR image as well as without the watermark.