Potted Plant in Alley

Ok, this is what I got so far. The brick wall is made of 2 textures, on is a brick wall texture and the other is a paint/rust texture. The pot is procedurally textured with 2 noise maps and a cloud map. The leaves are PNG textures applied to distorted planes. And lastly, the floor is a simple concrete texture. All textures that aren’t procedural were found by Google’s image search.

I would really like some critiques on this. I have never worked with textures like this my entire life, and I’m very interested in areas where I can improve.


cool! the camera is tilted though, throwing the whole picture off. Though i really think those leaves are amazing. could you show us your methods? thanx!

Making leaves is extremely simple. Find a leaf texture, preferably a PNG texture with the alpha data around the leaf. Apply it to a subsurfed and distorted plane and enable UseAplha in the texture. Piece of cake. Tweek as necessary.

uh…i wouldn’t use PNG, TGA is better. it supports alpha channels a heck of a lot better…

I think that the pot sets off the picture. It is way too clean compared to the marvellously dirty environment. Also the seam in the wall is a bit disturbing. Throw some bumps and blotches of dirt to the pot.

The wall texture is stunning. The leaves are great too though I would prefer if there were more shades. They all look too alike now.

In fact, it’s the same exact leaf duplicated. I’ll see what I can do. I’m also thinking of more things to add into the scene. I’ll be adding the plant into the pot eventually too, I’m just more concerned about the general environment at the moment. Thanks for the prompt replies.

There’s allways a cigaret but lying around and a broken bottle in the corner. The pot itself is a bit clean. You also have narrowed it quite tightly, therefore adding alot stuff will cause it to come too busy IMO.

I gotta love the dripping marks that water has left on the walls. Very nice.

Here’s an update:


First off, nice work so far

Second, I would try to seprate the top part of the pot and applying the same texture, the vertical lines it has now do not look natural.

Third, the floor texture should be scaled a little smaller. The texture looks good, but it looks like it is maybe 2 sizes to big. It looks like its zoomed to much.

Fourth, I would maybe try to add some small grass or weeds in the part where the ground meets the bottom of the wall, not big shards of grass just the tiny ones that grow in the cracks. It will help to break up the straight line of the wall. Turning on, or up, Normals might help do that too.

I think you need to put a bump map on the cement ground surface.

The cement image you chose depicts a great deal of 3d information which doesn’t appear to be making it into the material.

Another update:


I’ll twist the pot a little so that you can’t tell the rust map is mirrored for the next render. I am also working on finding a way to dirty up these corners and edges. Add a little mold and grass, etc. With a little help, I got the normal map working, and I rotated the floor 90 degree for a much nicer effect.

After re-reading this I thought it best to tell you I don’t want to seem harsh. I’m just offering constructive critisism. :wink:

Nice job so far but there are a few things that standout to me.

There’s not enough contrast in the plant pot texture, compared to the rest of the scene. If you have Photoshop, use the Image>auto contrast option. It looks too washed out to me.

Are you just rendering with one lamp? A sun with ray shadows? Try with Ambient Occlusion turned on as well. (16 samples Add type.)

The bricks look okay but still look flat. Either up the Nor value slightly, or use the same bump map as a displacement map. (Sub-divide your wall mesh a few times first if displacing.) The same for the concrete texture.

The pipe work could do with Tube mapping in the Map Input dialogue. If you already have this selected, CTRL+A to apply size/rotation to the pipes. That should remove the vertical stretching.

The leaves look too CG in comparison to the rest of the scene, perhaps add a couple of cloud textutres to break up the similarities between them.

Hope this helps,


Pipework? Hmm, I should reconsider doing something to them curbs. Maybe adding some cracks along the corners to express the actual angle that exists. Sorry for the confusion.

All renders posted were rendered with AO sampled at 16. There are 2 lights, a hemi (which only enhances the light on the leaves) and 1 sun set high.

Thanks for the crits.

Don’t be sorry mate, it’s my mistake.

Looking forward to the updates.


I like the crooked camera angle. The rust texture on the bricks looks too obvious as a second texture, but I’m not good at texturing so I don’t know what to suggest.

Well, in fact, I’m moving onto another project. So, I’ll have to put this one to rest. A days work well done, IMO. Here’s the final Render:


very, very nice. i’m impressed especially by the leaves, and all the texturing is amazing.