Potteries Family photo

I watched Disney movie “Hercules” and It brought me nostalgia :smiley: so I decide to this piece

That’s awesome. I love the textures of everything. Nice work.

Very nice, I love the floor material, I’d work on the way the floor curves away. I think the curve is a bit too shallow and is ruining the shot.

oh thanks guys and yea I think that the curve need to be less shallow

Nicely done… I’ve been doing a couple vases on one of my projects, but have been challenged somewhat on UV’s. I’m curious on what UV method you used on these.

Great materials and textures! Studio could’ve been a bit better to not look like cloth slide.

@harleynut97 I made a lot of seams and uwarraped it and tried to fit each piece withe rest it was hard and slow process and am sure there is a better way hope we could find it some day and great videos I lived the drone one more it’s funny

@Algirium man !! that short movie was soooo good I loved it :smiley: it’s more a game teaser style than a movie but still awesome work :smiley: