I’ve made those two pics inorder to test the new textures avilble in the new CVS build.

In this picture it’s hard to see them because I undeliberately renderd the pic 50% smaller then the size I initialy wanted, but it renderd beautiful.
Renderd with blender raytracer. Used area lamps, and ordinary lamps. Added grain in gimp 2.0.

this picture is still kinda rough. The material didn’t came out as I expected (looks more like an elephent skin than pottery), but here you go.
This image was renderd in the same technique. Area lamp and gimp for grain.

Did you use the voronio for cracks? I’ve tried that some time ago, but with the same result. I thing, it’s not possible make nice cracks using this plugin

ah, nice!
the feeling of the matter

Thanks endi (wow, a complement fron endi!) an Union S8.
IMO with the new textures it will be possible to use voronio to creat cracks.

Here is another try. Heavely post processed, so it might be imposible to see the new fitures (BTW, apart for the floor and blue jag, every texture is procedural):

I do not know what to look at in the first picture - I mean, what exactly is the quality made by the new texture.

The other vase looks good to me. What it makes to look more like elephant skin is the lack of shine. Try to add more shine and some reflections and I think it will look more like an old china.

And you just added the third picture: I find the pale vase at the very front excellent!

This is a nice composition. I’d like to see higher res on the last one. Is the glow a post-process, or did you do that in render somehow? The soft lighting is very realistic.

wow, great pics :smiley: !

could you tell us the settings of that shiny porcelain-material ?


the vase or the jug?

did i miss something? is there a new procedural texture? what are u trying out?

"I’ve made those two pics inorder to test the new textures avilble in the new CVS build. "

were are you?

Wow, nice! I also like the cracks you put on the bottom one. How did u get it 2 texture like that? :smiley:

eerm, the jug :slight_smile:

These are really nice.
I’m not sure what you mean by the new textures but the textures applied seem great.
Realistic but theres one image (the single vase) that seems to rough and grey, I don’t think any actual kiln cooked vase would have that sort of surface.

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Wow, that IS beautiful! :o