Poured chocolate fluid animation problem

I’ve been trying to create an animation to simulate chocolate being poured over a basic cake model.

Background to this can be seen in my 4d projections post.

I have the fluid animation setup with an animated inflow setting the cake geometry as collides with No Slip and high value. The problem is the fluid does not ‘stick’ to the sides of the cake and beads down like water on a waxed surface.

To solve this I tweaked the gravity essentially tilting the cake back slightly. No matter what I tried I could not get it to stick to both sides within the same simulation. My only solution was to leave Y at 1m/s and decreased X gravity force below -1 for Right and set to -1 for Left running two simulations to combine later. Inflow animation was identical.

Blender Setup - Poured chocolate output

Any advise or suggestion on how to improve and simulate both sides rather than building and rendering twice would be much appreciated. Is this beyond blenders fluid simulation.