Pouring Water - Cycles HD Render

Hi, everyone. I’ve kept experimenting with the fluid simulator. This time, I’ve created the typical bottle and glass scene.

The scene setup is rather simple: one moving obstacle and two static ones. This time I haven’t used particles, though I might do in a future version.

For some reason, I have seen in YouTube a lot of attempts to do this same thing with Blender, but all of them failed becaue of very low fps or very low fluid resolution.

I’m tired of seeing the good ones done with Realflow and the like, so I thought it would be nice to put out this one in YouTube to showcase Blender’s capabilites.

wonderful, must have taken forever to bake though

Actually, it took 5 hours to bake this 450 res simulation. OpenMP enabled Blender builds work wonders with an i7 2600k and 16 GB of RAM. :smiley:

Curiously enough, baking my opening sequence took twice as long. It’s the same resolution, but in a larger domain (needed for accurate letter shapes) and with fluid controls, which tend to complicate calculations and make the overall baking process much slower.

In fact, render time was longer than bake time. But that will change when I get the 2 Gigabyte GTX580 3GB I just ordered. :wink:

It will look great with particles :wink:

Yes, the particles version is on the way. I have some other simulations I’m working on at the moment, and each bake takes its sweet time, so be patient… :wink:

Also, a bigger/more detailed glass and a better bottle animation wouldn’t be bad. Maybe with particles you could use a lower res (I’m not sure, i dont think my laptop can handle more than 200 haha)

The lighting is set up professionally!

Hi everyone!

I have a basic understanding of fluid simulation in blender and I’m currently working on my own project to get fluid (Coke) pour out of a bottle into a glass and splash all over everywhere.

I’ve got the fluids/materials all set and fine, but my problem is that fluid, rather than entering the glass falls out.

Here is my setup:

  • Plane as a table
  • Glass (obstacle)
  • Bottle (obstacle) with icosphere of Coke (fluid) inside
  • Big cube around everything as Domain

The bottle is animated to move up and pour into the glass, but this just happens once, as afterward fluid just disappears
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you