Pouring wine in blender

Here is a my latest blender work.
I modeled and simulated in Blender and rendered with Yafaray(my first serious use of Yafaray, and I like it!).
I didn’t have anything to do with the background except hunting it down in Google.
Here is an updated shot with the wine refracting to the edge of the glass, but there are other anomalies now (at least they’re more subtle).

Here is the scene animated: http://vimeo.com/5170672

Comments and critiques welcome.

wow, very nice and realistic to!

how long did this take you?

i might be wrong on this and i dont want to go try it myself but shouldnt the glass on the sides have a redish tint to it(as a reflection)…atleast near or below the line that the wine is

What’s the resolution of the Fluid Sim?

@blendermakers: you are very correct. The problem I had was that in reality the surface of the water and the surface of the glass that it touches act as just one refractive interface. On a still image you can model it that way. Because the fluid sim is a grid, it looked bad to have it partially intersecting the glass. My solution was to scale the inside edge of the glass to not intersect it at all, but then you get the problem that you noticed. I made another rendering with the wine surface completely intersecting the inside edge of the glass… now it renders to the edge properly, but I seem to get other anomalies. I’m rendering an animation now to see how those look moving.

Setting up the simulation took about 5 hours (a lot of that was spent waiting for the computer :wink:

The final resolution of the sim was 250.

i love the first 1…its a lot better :slight_smile: