POV-ray and POvanim help!!

After exporting my blend file with sudivison support using POVanim I get a problem in this part of POVray:

//Mesh2 number: 5
#declare Plane_064 = mesh2 {
subdivision { substeps 4} <this is the problem line!!
vertex_vectors{ #include “E:\SUBANIM\MESH2\MotobikeArayPlane_064verts.inc”}
normal_vectors{ #include “E:\SUBANIM\MESH2\MotobikeArayPlane_064norm.inc”}
face_indices{ #include “E:\SUBANIM\MESH2\MotobikeArayPlane_064faces.inc”}
normal_indices{ #include “E:\SUBANIM\MESH2\MotobikeArayPlane_064nindice.inc”}

Then in messages it says:
#declare Plane_064 = mesh2 {
Parse Error: Vertex vectors not found in mesh2

(Oh yeah using latest POV-RAy,ROVanim versions and blender 2.34)
much help would be appriciated.

1/ are you using sub-pov patched engine or pov-ray original engine ?
2/ are you using the “Motobike.ini” file or the “Motobike.pov” file ?

( note :
"}subdivision { substeps 4} <this is the problem line!! "
/\ this “}” this seems to be an error too. )

1/ Yes, I am using sub-pov patched engine.
2/ I am using “Motobike.pov”

yeah about the the ’ } ’ that was an accident when typing this post, its not in the script.

So the solution is … : “use Motobike.ini”

oh…lol, thx

Could we see the rendered image ?

ok this is blender scanline render, il post the POVray export in 15 minutes

link: http://img82.exs.cx/img82/23/bike9blk.jpg

This is the POV ray version, no fancy lighting yet, oh yeah couldn’t get the subdivision line to work either,anyway here is a ugly square render :o

link : http://img21.exs.cx/img21/6480/mainMotobikeArayAnim1.jpg


Pay attention to the fact that (for the moment and there is good reasons for
this ) povanim exports the diffrence between the GL subdiv value and the
render subdiv value .

(but where are the shadows ?)

ah, this link is proving to be very helpful, soz but I am n00b when it comes to all things ‘script’, I havent added any shadow lights yet, i’ll report back in 4 days time with the result, i’m very busy at the moment so you will have to exuse me. YafRay couldn’t even render 1% of this scene in 18 hours, but in POV ray it takes just 1 min!!! :smiley: .(ah…hmm…this Sub patch has eluded me, I will install it as instructed and give you the result like I said in 4 days time)