POV-ray background color added

Hi to all, I have tried to add background color and alpha to the official POV exporter from Blender 2.5 alpha 2, so that it would behave exactly like Blender internal for this. The solution needs POVray 3.7 beta version: install it for all users, not just the current one. You no longer need to install pov 3.6, so it seems 3.7 with all its goodies is getting closer to release candidates. By the way they need some help for documentation


My modified script seems to be working. If some more experienced scripter could have a look and tell me if I didn’t do anything too stupid so that I and maybe others could keep building upon it, it would be greatly appreciated.
The only changes are actually that it uses PNG intead of TGA commented out and I changed windows path to povray 3.7, if someone could also point it to 3.7 for linux, it would be more consistent. Thanks,
Here is my version with the changes highlighted:


Up! anyone?

Hi Maurice,
I’m downloading Pov 3.7 beta for windows now.
could you provide a simple test scene in a .blend file with the script in the text editor.
also change the name of the script to Povray 3.7
so i don’t have to remove the other script to test this one.

then I can supply you with some feedback.
maybe when pov 3.7 is released this script could replace the old one.

thanks a lot, here it is: