POV-ray camera question

(Dittohead) #1

When I export a pov ray file from Amapi the camera angle is something like 1116.678 the highest povray supports is 179.

I’ve done many other numbers but nothing shows up.

I’ve light sources and everything in the scene.

The same type of thing happens in Renderman export.

(Schlops) #2

1116.678 is way to big for an cameraangle. But it is hard to say where the error is w/o your pov-file. So please post it, if it isn’t too big.

(Dittohead) #3

no website can’t do it.

(Schlops) #4

Then make a small scene, e.g. cube on plane w/ simple textures (only one color) a camera and a light. Export this and see what happens. If you get the same strange result, post the file.
Or try geocities/tripod/yahoo… to put up the file.
I don’t know how Amapi exports, but only the main file is needed, no mesh definitions. Maybe you can shorten your file??
How big is your original file?

BTW: the povray 3.5 documentation says that there is no limit for the cameraangle, but values > 360° will give you repeating images. An angle of 180 is like a fisheye. Dunno if this is correct for pov3.1, but it might be.