povanim normal problem

I have this model that renders fine in blender using set smooth and auto smooth 50. However when I export it to povray with povanim everything looks smooth. I don’t think it is using auto smooth 50. I tried it with calc. norm. checked but that was worse. Some normals appear to be facing the wrong way because some of the triangles didn’t show up. I am running Blender 2.32 on OSX with povanim 232_3b. Any suggestions?

Sorry, no autosmooth export in povanim.
Perhaps with the next release of the Xiaobin Wu’s pov-sub: http://www.cise.ufl.edu/~xwu/Pov-Sub/

Does anything export with auto smooth normals?

I got it working. I found this script posted here. I run it before I export with povanim and the model renders correctly. I think this smoothing script should be added to every exporter.

Isn’t it wonderful ?

Does this script work with subsurf too ?

From my limited experiments, catmull subsurf looks fine right out of POVAnim.


I know this.

But your autosmooth script, does it work with subsurf ?