PovAnim question, I'm a stupid

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The PovAnim script is one of the best and (at least for me) useful add to Blender I’ve seen (and Fiber too, of course).
But, anybody who know exactly how to use it?
I mean: how do you set all that materials, photon , etc. windows?
I think a complete tutorial would be very appreciate…


(jms) #2

No, I don’t think so, even myself :frowning:
I forgot number of functions, or limits that I wrote for
the script.

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(jms) #4

There is about 400 buttons and functions, and I am writting
this script since … a lot of months. Some functions where written in
november 2001 with very small comment (or no comment at all).

For instance, I have to read this page:
to refresh my memory when xtra asks a
question about lights and materials. I know that i did something
for this problem, but I don’t remember exactly if the solution
is connected to the button “Env” or the “Only Shadow”.

I agree that a complete tutorial is necessary.

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All right, I understand.
Who will write the tutorial? Any volunteers, besides JMS?


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yeah i agree the script is great and has helped me inprove my images 10 fold, I hope once blender goes open source a raytracer is developed escpecially for blender or it allows easy access to one. Ive had the same trouble when designing materials I dont know what it needs to make a complete material etc. Anyway if there is a tutorial it will be the most useful thing since subsurfs!