povanim question

(Xtra) #1

Hi all!

Is povanim able to export texturemaps into pov-ray? I mean automtic textures (flat, square …) as well as uv maps?


(jms) #2

“export”, no.

A future version (next sunday or monday released, perhaps) will give ability to “create” a copy of this type of texture. But for moment you can’t export the procedural, Blender or plugins, textures.


(Xtra) #3

So when I create a scene in Blender and export it to POV, all texturing will lost. Hmm - the Blender to VirtuaLight script can’t export textures either, but it can prepare it so that you only have to insert a “UV ImageMapping” directive and you can use texmaps.

Oh, you probably misunderstand me. When I wrote “automatic textures” I didn’t meant procedural textures but automaticly mapped textures (flat, square or spherical texturing is sometimes called ‘automatic mapping’ in opposite to uv-mapping).

So is it possible to export textures at all?


(jms) #4

Except UVmapped image and vertex colors.

With povanim the directive is added automaticaly.

In next release…


(Xtra) #5

OK then I’m looking forward to your next release. :slight_smile: