POVCOMP 2004 Contest


http://www.povcomp.com/ is having a POV RAY Contest…Submissions will be accepted from September 15 2004 to midnight October 15 2004, Australian Eastern Standard Time.

The aim of POVCOMP 2004 is to show the full potential of POV-Ray. All artists are invited to participate and create groundbreaking images with POV-Ray to win one of 25 neat prizes from their sponsors (total retail value in excess of $14,000).

So Check it out. I don’t know that much about POV, but I know some of you do, so Render some awsome scene’s and win that Appro Scorpion WH300 Dual Processor workstation with two AMD Opteron 250 processors, one 19” and one 17” LCD monitor, a NVIDIA Quadro FX 3000 video card, eight GB of ECC DDR RAM and one terabyte of storage loaded with RedHat Enterprise Linux

Here’s the link again…( http://www.povcomp.com/ )

I hope someone from this community WIN’s! :smiley: