Povray Export Help

Whenever I try to render a file I’ve exported from Blender in Povray, I get the error: “Parse Error: Cannot open include file _______1verts.inc”
I’ve tried searching but haven’t found any previous post that mentions this.
Any help would be appreciated, and if this is kind of a ridiculous problem, please forgive me, as I’m new to Povray.

Hasn’t anyone else ever experienced this problem?

what povray exporter are you using, try the one integrated with blender, get a build here for your arch www.graphicall.org and see if the problem persists.

Do you used blend2pov from RuiRC?
the error was because your image doesnt find by POVRAY, this is maybe you replace it or delete. so make sure your image was on the position on your setting.

if you are using the povanim script , look at this page :
there is also this page :