Povray render option in Blender 2.74

I’m getting an error report when I try to enable the Povray render option in version 2.74.

Any ideas??

What if you save the user preferences after activating the addon, and then quit and restart Blender. Do you still have an error?

Can’t get it to activate, so… you suggestion is not good.

I meet absolutely no problem here, could you check what POV-Ray version is installed on your computer?
Did you read the wiki instructions?http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Extensions:2.6/Py/Scripts/Render/POV-Ray

Hi there, I’m quite new to Blender (installed yesterday!), but just ran into the same issue.
It took me a few minutes to guess what I have to do, given the first error message I got.

In Win 7 (64 bit) at least, you just have to run Blender as an administrator at the time you want enable the POV-Ray render add-on. Note that once it is enabled, you don’t have to be running as an administrator any longer!


Same here. Did you manage to solve it?

I did’nt try to solve it, as I have no knowledge of Python, neither management of acces rights to system files in various Windows versions…

I’m just happy with my quick workaround…:cool:

Hi, mikeglw and amarovita, could you test again after downloading current source of the script? we tried fixing it. To be sure if you ever used the workaround, you would have to reinstall blender to see the problem again before you update the script to try with the fix.
Thanks for the reports.