Povray to Yafray

This might seem like a dumb question:

Has anyone written a script for translating Povray to Yafray and visa versa? I’m about to look at doing this and am just checking to see that no such beast already exists…

I’m leaning a bit towards using Perl for this as Perl handles file parsing pretty well.

And an importer to take a POVRAy file into Blender? (Obviously would be in Python)


Read the documentation that comes with PovRay. I know that somewhere it tells you that PovRay does not handle 3d geometry the same way that other programs do…hence , no future of Pov2Blend there.

Nah, the geometry translation shouldn’t be a problem (mesh/mesh2 objects in povray), but converting the yafray shaders to povray materials is, well, a hard job to do.

Yes, I came to the conclusion that the material to shader translation wouldn’t work all that well, either.

The povray site does say that it’s not really suitable for conversion to modelling formats but I was talking about Yafray which has a similar modus. In any case, Blender doesn’t really import materials so importing Pov files wouldn’t be really worth it.

That said, the geometrical information within a POV file shouln’t be too difficult to import into Blender.

povs languages supports many ways of describing a scene (just sometimes one does not work ;)). this would make it really hard to do a converter …

btw is it the philosophy of yaf, to have just one way, afaik :wink: