PovRay...what the hell it is!?!...

hello world!

i test blender 2.5 and hall his fonction! (great!)…

and i down into PovRay render!!!

i not understand :no:

:frowning: why povray doesnt work like vray,yafray, indigo…?

:mad: it is a ray tracing engine for scryptor ?

:(:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: can t use the paramets of blender… omg!

:confused: where is the “G.U.I (Graphique user interface,/ in 2010/ 2010years after j.c :mad:)”

ok ok, i wan make and learn how make script for the BGE but for a render :no: i haven’t time… i stay septic…

what hell it is?

Put the kettle on, sit down and put your feet up, pour a cup of tea, relax and get rid of all your stress.


pov ray have a good render on screen shot but not…

…but no gui!

this soft wan dead? =3

Do you have the POV-Ray Exporter?

It only works up to versions 2.49b, i don’t think there is a version for 2.5

You can get it here: http://jmsoler.free.fr/util/blenderfile/fr/povanim.htm

Make sure you get the right version.

I hope this helps.

thank you thebeast i will see…

Please don’t, think of all the people you’ll infect!

no no i think yet… i haven t time…

ok nice! en plus vf la doc wellwome!

but it doesn’t exist for blender 2.5 for the moment! or i dont know how make gui…

nice now, i will try use it, thanks a lot TheAnimal

I think he is talking about the one in the 2.5 alpha.

Pov Ray dosen’t have a GUI. You hand code your objects, lights and effects into a text editor. Honest! A freind of mine used to do it and got some decent results.

There are a few front ends and exporters. One is built into 2.5, but it gives strange results.

Pov Ray dates back to the 80s. Yes, the '80s. Before Guis, before the dark times, before the empire, there was Pov Ray.

While you CAN do everything manually, you don’t HAVE to.
There are loads of more-or-less capable front-ends although admittedly, they are all getting rather long in the tooth…
The web is filled with Povray resource, tutorials, material generators, include files (helper programs) etc etc
While not quite up to todays standards (but still powerfull nonetheless), Povray is still loads of fun to discover for someone interested in computer graphics.

povray/blender render integration I wrote as a reference for other people to use, if you look in the render panel povray radiosity settings are supported. Blenders metaballs export to povray correctly. area lights also. So its not totally useless but its more of a test that blender2.5 can even work with an external rendering engine.

Some comments here seem to miss the point of blender/povray integration, The idea is that blender IS the GUI to pov (a frontend at least).

On Linux it should be as simple as installing Povray from the package manager, then running blender, selecting povray output and pressing render.

Gilles Tran is probably the best 3D artist who use POV-Ray.

nice picture!

Grrrr this interface badly thought … but it is better than anything!!
i have a question: how to launch the render vray?

LOL - there are several front-ends for Povray. There are even one or two modelling packages devoted to it.

More info here.

You need a copy of V-Ray and the plug-in script. Check hereon this thread.

Yafaray is a good, and free separate raytracer for Blender.

lol ho cra*… I will wait for pov-ray, because it is not ready work fast and simple…

i will test yafray!

thank you a lot