Powder explosion

(Nistle10) #1

Hi, I’m new to the community but not to blender. I’ve not had much experience with the physics side of it and I’m looking to create a ten second animation and im hoping for a steer on how to go about it.

I wish to create something like the powder explosion here

I’m thinking of using particles for the debris and combining with a smoke simulation. I’m not sure on the best way to go about it without it having to render for days on end and I would appreciate some advice or a good tutorial link to start me off.


(3pointEdit) #2

CReate a particle system emitting from the faces of a sphere (hide this), then create a new object (really small) and add a particle instance modifier to it. Select the original particle emitter object as a source, then add a new particle system to this small object. Turn the emission power (from normal down low), turn off gravity for all of these.
Make a domain object that surounds the whole system and set up a smoke domain system and material. Set the small object as a smoke flow.
Don’t forget to use density attribute in the smoke material. I don’t know the best way to achieve the differing colours?