long story short: how would you model this?

I haven’t figured out yet how to do it with particles (but then again, I’m quite new at Blender).

I’d be really thankful for your advice.


Take a plane and turn on proportional editing. Turn on Root. Select the center vertex and move it up. Scroll your mouse wheel up and down to get the right result, to make it look like a smooth pile. Then, add displacement textures. To do this, go to the material settings, add a texture, then make it clouds. Play with contrast to get a dark and light texture with little grayness. Set the nor value of this texture preferably high. Then add another cloud texture with a higher noise depth. Then, use a sphere with displacement textures, except weaker for the grains around the pile. Scale them up and down, copy them and move them around, and experiment with the textures to get the right model.

would be a lot easier if you could provide a sample file here!

ad when you say add a sphere ok can you explain a little more here

i mean you need to copy this sphere to simulate each of the outside part ?

anyway i tried to follow your description and i’m fat from getting the same look then the picture!

Thanks and Happy 2.5