Power NURBS goes beta release in April or May, 2005.


Power NURBS is a ground-breaking, innovative design creativity toolset that is unique in the industry.

Precision of NURBS Ease of use of Sub-D Modeling Interoperability of Solids Modeling Intelligence of Feature Modeling Flexibility of Trimmed Surfaces

And nurbana is going to be LGPLed

So, let us have a guess. Will nurbana src or blender with nurbana appear before Power NURBS beta?

as you now know:
nurbana source is now online at http://sourceforge.net/projects/nurbana/

just though some other users might like to know

This news is almost a year old.

Nurbana code was released a very long time ago, no one’s had to time to merge it into blender so I’ve long since considered it dead.

This may be good that he posted the code at sf.net, but it still may not happen.