Power Pack-Back Pack

Here is the main Character and prop for my first animated short film
C&C is always appreciated.


Looks promising,
Could you give us some more information about the project?

/ Mats

Looks good, but on the first picture his wrist is twisted so the mesh deforms badly, in real life the wrist doesn’t rotate that way, try it only your forearm rotates like that. Other than that looking good, but like Mats said, could you give us more information?

I finaly was able to render a decent image of my town, it was a killer to get it lit just so. almost 24 hours of test rendering and adjusting, and this was the best I could come up with, well maybe I got feed up, but here it is.

The story goes like this.
A 12 year old boy invents a magnet gun, and goes through the town to find a lost item,
We will see how the animation evolves in the next few days


• That gun looks very professional - well done. The scene looks great too, there is a toony feel to it that appeals to me. I’m sure it suits your story very well.
• Just to poke on something: All the one-family houses are virtually identical in size and style, and they are perfectly aligned at the same distance from the street. I’m aware this is common for today’s urban planning, but it makes your scene look a bit like SimCityor Duckburg. Some more variation would most likely make your landscape come alive. Maybe you should add something between these houses and the skyscrapers in the background to help bind things together. Something simple like a church tower or a hill.

/ Mats

Thanks Mats, for those kind words of incouragment,
I never thought I would hear that my work looked “very professional” this soon,
but the words are so sweet to my ears. And they have a bicycle pump affect on my head,

I was not trying to make anything look to Real, but then again I dont have that much control over the outcome at this point,
Basicly I made everything look as good as I can at this stage in my progression.
I will look into blending the landscape together better, I trid to trhough in a couple of weeping willow trees but you can still see the seem where 3d meets 2d.
I think the fence needs alittle more work to stand out as well, this might ofset the join enough to do the job.

I am going to have to be pretty abstract in my thought process to figure out how to animat the movie, cause it is way to big a file to strat animating every thing at once,

so I will animat short clips, of different elements and then composite the entire thing together, at first I thougt I would just animat with out any breaks. but I want a little more control then that.
Thanks for your input everyone

I am curious about the lighting in your scene- could you describe it please?

Well, I must say, I broke my back trying to get this lite,
probebly cause I dont know what I am doing,
But the set up I have now (and I am talking with my mentor now about the shadows and how to soften then better) is a sun set to 0.540, and a distence of 175, high aove the scene and ofset of the center a skoch, with just the slightest hint of yellow tint, and ray shadows at 10 samples, umbrela

then I have a spot light set next to the camera with a 1.14 power, and a wopping 192 distence, and no shadow settings selected,
and 2 more spot lights at hte far end of town, one at each end of the street,
both set to about 1.25 energy, and a disence of 125, with ray shadows set to about 61.00
it is a jarry rigged job just for this one camera angle, I dear not to move the camera for fear of having to reset the lights, but I will have to make it work for to night I will start to animate (maybe, still working on the straps for the backpack.)

The battery backpack is very nice. Your models look very promising!

Maybe to add some elements to the city scene would make it match the quality of the backpack…

Oh shucks, you guys are just saying that to make me feel good
And it is working I might say

thanks guys