Power sketch

Would you like to see something like the following:
in Blender? :cool:


That is freakin’ sweet! Yep, to have such tools available to integrate with a polymesh/nurbs system (in other words, that the sketched curve geometry easily either guides or translates into regular geometry) would be a real boon. Watching the vid reminded me a bit of the creative design freedom I felt when I first gave Wings3D and Sketchup a try years ago (coming from the restrictive & technical CAD industry.)

Its like a whole new level of digital design. It would allow me to do digitally what I like to do with pencil & paper & a scanner now: put in my sketches as backgrounds in blender, then overlay curves on top to give a 3D representation of my ortho sketches. However, this is in real time and dynamic. Just WOW! Somebody please contact this dude and invite/plead/beg him to contribute his work to OSS!!! (Of course, he’s probably hoping to get “bought out” by google.)

Oh wow I am just in awe! I like how it’s optimized for tablet pc’s too. Now who wants to bet that Autodesk will swoop in and buy this?

That program looks very nice indeed (there’s a very similar program for generating meshes, can’t remember that it’s called). I would love it if “Grease Pencil” was enhanced with some of those features (I particularly like the multi-stroke curve creation).