Power Supply: 650 watt (HP xw 6600) with GTX 580


I want to now if the power supply, 650 watt (HP xw 6600 Wokstation) working GPU with Evga Nvidia GTX 580, 1.5 Mo for CUDA blender 2.7x?

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Should be fine with just one 580, if you decide to add another card though it won’t be big enough. Another thing to consider is does the PSU have a 6 pin & an 8 pin PCI-E power lead, because most 580’s will need both. You can get converters ie 2 x 4 pin MOLEX to 6 pin PCI-E, but they’re not ideal.

Like wig42 already mentioned just check if your PSU has the needed amount of power connectors(PSU should be an Delta Electronics 442036-001 with one 6Pin and one 8Pin connector). Some cards like the EVGA Classified had even 2x8Pin + 1xPin Connectors so you may need the Molex Converters.

The best way to find out is to use a power supply calculator.

Look up the power needs for all your system components and plug them into the calculator. Near the bottom, you’ll see a drop-down for Capacitor aging. Rule of thumb is 10% per year, but the decrease is always based on the current amount of output. So that’s 10% of 650 the first year (585), 10% of 585 (521) the second, etc.

Also, if you “cook” your capacitors (something like 15 minutes at 150c) you can bring them back to full capacity and restart the clock (ie. get the output back up to 650 watts). It’s a bit of a pain, though, because you have to desolder them so you don’t damage other components in the PS.

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