Power Supply Help

My power supply caught on fire and no longer works :frowning:

So I need another one and also I thought I should get a new video card too. this looked like a killer deal for 25 bucks.

I researched video cards a bit, and decided on a ati x1900xt. Now the requirements for this card make no sense. They say you need a 450+ watt power supply, and also reccomend having 30 amps on the 12v rail. that’s 360 watts, correct? how can you have only a 450 watt power supply and possibly use that much power on only the video card? My components without the video card use over 250 watts when under full load.

Anyway, would this power supply work with that card? the power supply doesn’t say anything about pci-express, but is there some kind of adapter that I could use?

If it won’t work, can someone inform me of one that will? I don’t really want to spend over 50 bucks on a power supply.

Why ATI, and not Nvidia? Nvidia produces a much more supported set IMO, but I guess there is some specific issue that made you go for an ati card.

Anyway, I think the power supply you got listed in the link should work fine. However it would be a good idea to do some more research on it and take note of the Pros and Cons written in some of those customer reviews (it’s there that you will find most of your answers).

Usually you’ll need at least a 500W for any semi-decent card out there. I know that it seems like GPU’s today are taking in too much power, but that’s because the industry is getting more advanced and all the extra juice becomes necessary when you start rendering things with HDR, AA, DOF and all of that at a 1200+resolution. It’s only going to get more demanding I’m afraid.

Actually, the power question is making manufacturers consider an external solution, not only for power issues, but for cooling as well.

You’re right Social, I should probably do more research on it.

My last two graphics cards have been Nvidia, but I thought I’d go with ATI this time around. I’ve found that many people are biased a certain way, I just like to go with whatever one produces the fastest/highest quality card in my price range. Also I am now using mainly windows on that box so I don’t have to worry about linux drivers.

Someone had a crossfire rig using that power supply so I’m guessing it should work.

I’m all for getting good deals, but I would be HIGHLY suspicious of a 630 Watt power supply for less than $30.00. If you’ve ever read the book ‘Upgrading and repairing PCs’ by Scott Mueller (17th ed.) you would have read about the importance of not skimping and getting a good quality power supply. Anyway, a good company’s website is www.pcpowercooling.com. $30.00 would get you a refurbished 250 Watt supply at most on this site.

[Edit] $50 will get you about a 310 Watt new, 360 Watt refurbished.

It is worth getting a good solid power supply. It can always be used for future upgrades. I’ve learned that lesson long ago when I upgraded a pc a couple of years ago with an AMD Athlon 1200 chip, expensive at the time. Using too small a power supply, it blew my brand new chip!

Thanks for your replies.

I haven’t ever read a book about pc’s. But I learned a bit from building my own.

I understand why you think this power supply sounds a bit fishy. However, nothing has lead me to believe that it is of low quality. If there is something that I’m missing, please tell me. Just read the reviews for it on newegg.

My old power supply worked flawlessly for well over two years. It wasn’t a name-brand like antec or something, but it was cheap (got it with case), and its value was around 25 dollars (it was 420 watts I believe).

I know that I would be taking a gamble with this power supply, but for 25 bucks, what can you lose?

Anyway, can someone answer my original question in more detail? Would that power supply work with the video card I mentioned previously?

double check the 30Amp requirment, i am sure that is a mistake as the high end 400w pws offer much lower than that for even the expensive models. can i have the link to the video card web site so i can read the spec’s please?

oops i hit enter before i was done typing so im editing it…

anyway i see that this powersupply will not be sufficent to power your PCI express card, goto tigerdirect.com and look for a powersupply there with a +12v lead having 30+ amps on that lead. may be hard to find for less than $75 :frowning: my recomendation is to call the video card company and ask for a referal for recomended powersupplys to support that card.

you’ll like the pci express man THATS the way to GO! very fast very nice

thanks for the reply man :slight_smile:

I found this: http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=874746&Sku=ULT31556

looks like it will work. 500 watts, 34 amps on 12 volt rail. pretty established company too.
i guess i’ll be spending 60 bucks. it looks like i’ll have to bite the bullet and spend the cash.

any other reccomendations as far as power supplies go?

Oh, nothing much. You could fry your processor if the power supply goes on the fritz, or maybe your motherboard and memory, but oh well.:wink:

:slight_smile: Sorry my comment at the end there was a bit foolish. I was more refering to if it would work or not. I do realize that it could harm my components, but the reviewers were satisfied with it, correct?
You are making an assumption that because it is cheap, it will have problems. I have yet to find negative reviews on it.

anyway, I think I have come to a decision (read my previous post) and will just get a more established one. hell, I’m spending 300 dollars on a video card, I might as well get a good power supply.

thank you everyone for your responses.

nice pick the fan comes with duel fans so may be a little loud but no doubt will preform very well. you get a 3year warrenty with it too so thats cool

tigerdirect is a good company too you’ll have no problems, glad i could help :slight_smile: and im sure you’ll find the $60 will be well worth the peace of mind, the other PWS would not have ruined anything on your computer but it leaves a chance under full power load that your computer would shut off. Wouldnt that be fun in an 200 hour render on hour 199 have the PC shut off casue nortons decides to start a system scan :slight_smile: hehe you’ll be happy you dont have to put up with that problem :slight_smile:

I think later model mobos’ actually have safeguards to prevent just that kind of thing from happening.

:smiley: I’m not too concerned about noise. My box has seven case fans in it already, so it’s already loud as a jet. Ahh I’m glad I have those nice anti-noise headphones.

I’ve ordered stuff from tigerdirect before, very nice service.

Yeah I seem to remember something like this in some of my motherboard manuals. But when you’re spending a lot of money on hardware, I think it might be best to just get a high quality and proven power supply.