Power the world with nuclear waste already made?


these, can power your home, on nuclear waste, safely, for 200 years…

why don’t we do this?
(not in your house of course at a power plant and scaled up)

We pay MILLIONS for cleanup and displosal now… and it really goes no-where

Mix this in there somewhere


and we need nothing more then to re-assign waste that is… wasted?

im all over this. thanks for posting. a while back i was at a stem school where they had a guy come in and do a presentation on this stuff. it was very facinating. cool subject to bring up.

dunno what your little “power plants” are, but anything that can use that waste (without destroying something) is good in my book

as for other surely that’s just a better way of implementing this

The discovery began in the middle of 1821, where J. T. Seebeck discovered that two not similar metals, if they are connected in 2 different points and those points are held in different temperatures, there will be a micro-voltage developed. This effect is called the “Seebeck effect” as of it’s discoverer.
Some years later, a scientist discovered the opposite of the Seebeck effect. He discovered that if someone applies voltage to a thermo-couple, one junction shall be heated and the other shall be cooled. The scientist was called Peltier and the effect called the “Peltier effect”.

I had a “pletier plate” some years ago !! worked great till the power cut off then the ice melted an comp shorted out oh well
old comps should be sacrificed to the gods of Tec Nol Ogy rofl

Nice find. :eyebrowlift:

It is good that you have something to substantiate this idea. I think that this possible energy source should be developed, as I for one wouldn’t mind a freebie energy generator in me backyard.

The energy mob wont be happy.

intresting article

and on powering the world with human waste…http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16574193

Thorium reactor -

bill gates…


You know how to turn radioactive radiation into something usable, like electricity?




These make power from a temp difference, at like 10% efficiency and that was 60 years ago,

add in this -http://phys.org/news/2013-02-fujifilm-thermoelectric-material.html - and it will be closer to 60% efficient.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thorium is nice because it’s not able to be weaponied…

The nuclear waste currently is sitting in containiers all over the world, (and we pay to maintian it) -

check out Minute 14. second 30