Hi all,

Another typography project, this time with my first serious modelling; nothing too adventurous but I was pleased with the lightbulb.

A couple of things I would improve would be to add SSS to the letters and the power cable.

The scene is lit from a single lamp in the center of the bulb, some false reflections were removed in post.

Anyway, please feel free to C&C I am still very much a beginner.



I think it looks pretty good.


Mmmh, I’d try to correct a bit of over-exposure… Gimp is hot!

Thank you for the comments guys,

working with a a naked lightbulb as the single light source kind of forced the blown highlights; exposing the lamp correctly would have thrown the rest into shadow but I can see how it might come across a bit bright.

I am thinking of trying somehting using the text ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ so I will experiment with dialling the exposure down.

Thanks again,


Cool. I think it would be even better if you had a filament that was glowing just a little bit and it would add to the effect of it being power. Also, the o in power looks a bit flat along the bottom. Its probably the font, but it makes the socket look a little strange.

I like the idea. Good job :wink:

Did you make the bulb from the tutorial on cgcookie?

Nice composition. Don’t remove the overexposure. It makes me squint when I look at this, which makes it kind of neat.

Thank you all for the feedback, it is appreciated.

Tomrebel2, yes the tutorial was great and gave me lots of new techniques for modelling in blender as well as the lightbulb stuff.


I think you could bevel the letters a tiny bit - so that the bevel changes the antialiasing on the edges and adds to the letters a soft feeling, but not really visible to the eyes. and I personally would also use a little bit of AO for lighting the whole scene, to make it softer. You’d have to turn off ‘tracable’ for the bulbs glass for that. Also, bulbs are filled in the part of the coil, with some kind of black matter, so you shouldn’t see the coil from inside. regarding light, it seems coming from a bit higher position than I would expect it - the wire just isn’t usually that much on top of the bulb.

but anyway, these are just little corrections, it kind of looks ok allready.

Wow, thank you for your time to comment.

As always attention to detail is king. I have some ideas for a revision of this idea so I will attempt to incorporate your suggestions.

Thank you again,