PowerBook 170

The intention was to do some icons of PowerBook 1XXs, But with slightly exaggerated distinctive features to make it look more “toy” like, bigger hinges covers, bigger rotating feet…Thicker , and so on. I ended up over-modeling the thing as usual, but it looks good at closeup. here some images. Icon set will come later when I’ve done other models.

The real machine existed and is now an expensive collection item:

two more:

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Mmmhh Maybe this one,


Wow! Kinda hard to believe no comments. Really nice work on this one, breh. I’m digging the color designs and the ortho views. Nicely done.

Ow Someone ! Many thanks for stoping by.
Funny how you can feel so lonesome in such a crowd isn’t it…

As per a request, a non-isometric view :

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Everything is done very well, especially liking the texture details on the dirty version.
Rendering style is very cool too.

Thanks! Glad you like it.

This is awesome, Galgot! Such great attention given to the various components. I love the beaten up/used version as well, it gives it a bit more personality. It’s really well done, too- the wrinkles in the tape and the slight aging in the “apple computer” sticker. How long did it take you to complete?

Hi! Thanks , glad you like it.
Wasn’t too long doing it (compare to my other projects :D), a week for the first one, working a bit every evening…
And another week for the other, even though the main case modeling was done , adding the details , and also finding the good settings for the dirt map of that grey plastic took a while. Again working a bit every evening.

Nice work! My favourite is the version at post #3 .
The multicolor version could have more brilliant/saturated colors but is also looking good as it’s now.

Looks beautlish!
Good Job!
5 stars from me.

Thanks all for the comments :slight_smile:

So I’ve done two more to finish the icon set :

Icon set :

If you want the set , available here (mac only) :