Powua Free Render Farm

I’m Marco Ghirlanda, writing for the Powua project. Powua is the Super Internet Computer; it has been created in order to allow anyone to save time by processing information and realizing their projects more quickly. Powua is a commercial project based on free and open software and made by a Team of professionals from Italy, with a strong focus on free and open technologies and communities. You can find further information about Powua and its mission at http://www.powua.com .

Hello a friend told me to post about Powua here both to advertise our project and the free resources we are giving out for Blender (and also other software) users.

We are in Beta at the moment and would be happy to hear your comments and suggestions about using Blender on Powua (with Dr.Queue and Yafray). We invite you to visit our website and take the chance to try our service by creating your personal account and ask for a beta code at [email protected] which will give you 500 welcome credits. Feel free to ask if you need more credits.

I want to make clear that this is a commercial project but we reserve a big part (now 10% of our power) to community tests and experiments. This will improve (20% ?) in the near future but we really need your help and suggestions to make a better service.

Happy Powua and please spread the voice!

Marco Ghirlanda
Powua Team

looks interesting, but i don’t have any projects right now, to use to test the service, non the less, looks good, and i wish you good luck with the service. :slight_smile:

Thanks for information. I will try sure.

Hi all!

Just a small note for adding two important news:

  1. We upgraded Blender to 2.45 and Dr.Queue to 0.65. Please set in your model 4 threads to use our dual processor / dual core at full speed. Latest Dr.Queue is much stable (especially the GUI).

  2. You can connect to Powua using UltraVNC on Windows at yourusername.got.powua.com:1 to have a better experience (faster, mousewheel supported) than with our official client which we are improving these days.

Thanks to all our beta testers and happy blending :slight_smile:


p.s. if you know of some scientific researchers using MPI please forward the info and tell them about Powua, we are supporting mpich-2 and soon openmpi.