Poze a character with Dynamic

Hi, i ave this character in the sculpt mode, with dynamic, 150k polygons, and i’ll like to know if there is any option or way to add the bones or make the pose of the character, in the normal way i can’t do it, blender give me an error when i try to make joining with the bone system and the character, if anyone know something, please to answer here.
Greetings and Thanks

You will have to reduce the poly count I believe that is too high a count for the Armature modifier to work with the mesh…

Dynamic topology sculpting is not intended to create rigged characters for animation. The normal method is to bake textures (normal maps, etc.) from the sculpt onto a lower-polygon model that has been retopologized with a mesh optimized for posing and armature deformation. That said, if you are just trying to move your sculpt into a different pose for a still render you might be able to get away with using a laplacian deform modifier if your computer is beefy enough to move all those vertices around, but it probably won’t be quick or friendly.

Hello, and thanks to answer, i gonna use this modifier, thanks so much, i gonna show here the result.

You can change the pose of a sculpt with a mesh deform modifier, you make a rough mesh that covers the volume of the model and move this instead of the actual high poly sculpt.

I tried it now and I got nice speed with about 200.000 vertices, the only problem I noticed is that some faces might get “crushed” and they will need further corrections later on.

Otherwise I don’t know any other alternatives, if you have any ideas please say so because I am interested to learn.


Interesting those options, i gonna try now! :slight_smile: thanks guys :wink: