PPC cannon *UPDATED*

(Dittohead) #1

I had this thought the other night about how I could make a PPC effect in blender. So maybe by the end of the week i’ll have a tutorial on how to make this effect. I used a path shaped to a helix, converted to curve, subdivided once, duplicated and added some halo materials, and voila!!!

Here it is: http://dittohead.blender.tripod.com/PPC/PPC.html

Can it be animated?

Nope, but if you think you know how, please post it here. The build effect won’t work either.

Uploaded two new pictures today, ppc cannon is now on a turret. with ground and new lighting. Same link as above.

(paradox) #2

Very Nice. But what is PPC. Nice effect at any rate.


(Dittohead) #3

Particle Projection Cannon

It’s from BattleTech. BattleTech is:

It is the 31st century and man kind is once again at war.

The battlefields of the future are dominated by huge robotic war machines known as Battlemechs.

Piloting these awesome weapons of war are men and women, the elite of the elite, knowing that each battle could be thier last.

They are,


(Ecks) #4

nice mechwarrior 3 intro speach…is it that?
I love that intro!

Nice effect but is it supposed to have a laser in the middle?

because in MW2 the ppc is a sphere, in mw4 it is a very fast ball with a trail and dont remember how it look mw3 but…it will be cool if you add a ball in the middle so this thing will fly around…what do you think?

Check out my fafnir at the thread What do you think this is? -UPDATED- in the wip forum and tell me what you think

BTW, nice texturing on the arm! and your thread subject is PPC Cannon so the full name of the thread is Particle Projection Cannon Cannon :wink: haha

(microman) #5

the ppc (ER PPC) in mechwarrior 3 is what looks like a staght blue lazer with 2 or 3 spiraling lazers twisting around it with a few randomly placed particals along that…at least i think it is.

other than that the model is vary cool
keep it up…


oh and on the anamation thing mabe a lattace…I duno, I would have to see the blend file

(H-C) #6

very nice effect i like it

(paradox) #7

Thanks for answering my question, I ask the question but almost forgot to come back and see the answer. Nice effects.


(Haunted-House) #8

Looks great, you should be able to animate the particle laser with relative vertex keys.

(Bapsis) #9


At first glance i swear i saw “PCP Cannon”, and i was wondering what the hell…!!! (it happens sometimes, must be mild dislexia) hehe :wink:

Looks great tho!!!
Let is know how the animation goes for it, i would be very interested in seeing it move. Then you can tell us how you did it, 'cuz iv thought in the past how to animate energy beams and such, but thought of anything slick.
Great stuff man!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(blengine) #10

that looks really good =D a really nice glow effect youve got going

but would particles ejected from a cannon swirl and twirl like that? :wink:

(Ecks) #11

hey imgranpaboy this is a “futur” gun in the year 3000…it is battletech! in the futur we will be able to manipulate laser particule very well…hehe
and yea nice mech3 effect…after I post my first post in this thread ( :-? )
I check out mechwarrior3 ppc and yea nice effect! :wink: but I like more the mw2 effect to big blue ball with electrecity around it that fly slowy… :smiley: and it is more easy to do!

(macouno) #12

small question… how did you create the “haze” surrounding the ray?

(Ecks) #13

I think he make a material with a blend procedural texture. He then choose sphere or halo in the texture window. After he press halo and halotext in the material window. He make the texture white and the material blue. he put add at maximum and reduce hard. and I think it is finish…oh and a particule system! :smiley: tell me if I am wrong!

(Dittohead) #14

nope…two differant meshes…two differant halo materials some…played with hardness and add until it looked perfect.