Practical limits to the number of verts in a scene

So, here is what I ran into. I have this model that I started last night with a MakeHuman character that is going to later get appended to a scene that I’m working on. The character in question is a rhythm guitarist and as such I would think he needs a guitar.

A month or two ago I downloaded a .3DS file of a guitar (Gibson Explorer) from one of the many sites that offer such, imported it into blender created materials for the various component parts and ended up with something that really looks like photos I’ve seen of the Gibson Explorer in cherry. Very nice looking.

Here’s where the trouble begins: I appended the geometry that makes up the guitar to the scene I’m developing my model of the guitarist so that I can properly pose him holding the guitar and playing it. As soon as I noticed performance degrading to a crawl. I did some transformations (rotation, position, etc) and saved my work at that stage.

I noticed that performance continued to degrade as I worked until I got to the point where my laptop FROZE in place. The mouse pointer was still responsive but the display manager was not processing any more. It was so bad at that point I did a forced reboot of the laptop. Something I am loathe to do I might add.

I examined the file this morning I discovered I had fourteen million plus vertices in the scene. Is that extraordinary or have I hit some limit on the performance of the laptop (HP DV-7) which I know doesn’t have a viable GPU.

If anyone wants to look at the blend, let me know I’ll upload it.

Thoughts please. Workarounds, fixes, suggestions all welcome.

PS I have been gathering parts to build a desktop based around NVIDIA cards and plan to do most of my heavier modeling on that in the future.

I examined the file this morning I discovered I had fourteen million plus vertices in the scene
So what is creating all these vertices. If 90% are coming from a single object, you know where to concentrate your effort in poly reduction

Remove any double vertices
Are you using modifiers ? If so do these modifiers have different settings for the viewport and for rendering ? Are the settings reasonable ?
For high poly objects can you decimate / retoplogise

I did have it in mind that I need to “go back in time” and look at the model of just the person by themselves. I originally thought all the vertices were coming from the hair system I had in place, but when I turned that off the count did not go down a whole lot (still fourteen million plus)

Just started reading up on mesh snapping. What’s this decimate thing all about? I’m in month three in my eternal journey with Blender…

What was the RAM usage? I actually hit my limit a week ago screwing around with some absurdly high subsurfing, and everything appeared to completely freeze up with the exception of the mouse. About a half hour later, I was able to force close Blender without a reboot.

I couldn’t tell ya what the useage was. The GDM was frozen completely with the exception of the mouse. After forty five minutes the screen started going “goofy” for a lack of better word. That’s when I forced the reboot.

By the way… the guitar was the culprit. It was over a million and a half verts and somehow I went from eight hundred thousand with just the MakeHuman model to fourteen million. Don’t grok where the rest of the verts came from. Someday I’ll understand…