Practice for us beginners. Pokemon?

It was really hard to title this thread… I wanted to call it a “You and I make” but if i’m making up a topic like that, people wont understand right off the bat.

So i’ve tried to type this a few times and i’m having trouble expressing why i want to do this.

I want to reach out to some of us Blender users that are more of beginners in this field. we are still getting our grasp of modeling/sculpting, texturing, maybe rigging, and other such things or those of us that feel that we understand it but always follow tutorials when we do things even if we have the basic idea down.

I’m choosing pokemon for the topic for a few reasons. If you have ever read the sticky in the general topic section about not being a fanboy, that is what i’m having trouble getting across here. I don’t want you to think that i’m a pokemon fanboy obsessed with pokemon and will want to tell you everything about pokemon. This is not the case in the slightest.

I wanted to do pokemon because:

  1. It is somewhat relevant to recent events and i still see people talking about the new game

  2. in the new game there are 3d models for characters and pokemon as well as the world that we can be creative with looking around for references.

  3. Some of the pokemon models are just so darn cute i want to see if i can achieve that level of cuteness aswell.

  4. It’s something that is pretty well known to people whether they have played pokemon or not.

So would anyone like to participate in the same project here in this thread so that us beginners can collaborate, compliment, and discuss what we are all doing together?

I would do it by myself but i feel like it would be so much more fun if a few people were doing it at the same time aswell.

Here’s some things i would like to do if we get started.

[] I would like to try and recreate my character model from in game and the trainer card if possible.

[] Create 1-3 pokemon because for my other project i would like to get some practice at modeling creatures as well as texturing them. Texturing the pokemon and character’s clothes are one of the prime reasons i want to work on this.
The pokemon i’d choose are probably Plusle, Aron, and Furret. those three are some of the cutest pokemon i’ve seen in the game xD

Thanks for reading and understanding d:

You had a concern that people would think you’re a Pokemon fanboy. The sticky thread suggests not to be a Blender fanboy, probably didn’t mean anything else, although fanboyism can get in the way.

The subject matter is irrelevant - if it has a shape, one could try to model it. What matters though is good references for modeling and communicating (preferably visually) what you mean. In your post you make an assumption that those who read your post are familiar with Pokemon characters. That is fine if you want to include only those people, but not good if you want to invite all beginner modelers to participate.

I think i see what you mean.

Every now and then i see people here on the forums try to mention stuff about pokemon and often times i see them get ignored and i feel kind of bad sometimes and i wonder if it has to do with the whole fanboy thing. I’ve seen people who are fanboys off things other than blender and it does make the topic discouraging or seem to make people cast judgement and avoid them.

So i think i was at the same time hoping to get people like that together as well as some of the more beginner people to give them a chance to help one another out perhaps.

I see how maybe it isn’t a good idea because i don’t know how large the audience is of people that would be fine doing this, and the project does exclude some of the others.

I have been learning blender for about 5 to 6 weeks and I would so be down with modeling Pokemon. I think that the trainer will take longer so I will try and post 3 Pokemon then the Trainer a little later. Also I am currently working on a project so ill probably post my models by the end of next week maybe later than that. ^.^

Sounds great ^-^
Can’t wait to see how you do (:

Perhaps i’ll get started on making that Furret i mentioned too then d:

So, which Pokemon?

Are you trying to choose one? :stuck_out_tongue:
It can be any that you like :stuck_out_tongue:
Although if you want to do a starter, a cyndaquil would be really challenging but very interesting to see done xD

if you meant which ones i’m planning on making it’s;

Furret | Aron | Plusle

And one last thing, is your profile picture from the movie 9? o:
It looks awesome (:

so as i was expecting when i made the thread, The Pokemon thing is kind of dying out now and not as many people are excited about it because most of them have done all that there is to do in the new game.

but anyway, i don’t know if anyone’s coming back to check this and i’m fine with that either way.
But i decided to Bear down and do a little bit of it myself anyway. I’ve been learning more and more about texture painting and i’m feeling much better about it than i did a week or two ago.

Still kind of a side work in progress but. i’m decently happy with this. even though i didn’t learn much while doing it x:

Although i must say i’m a tad proud of my Unwrapping or seam placement i did on it. Seam placement is something i have always struggled with because it always made sense in my head, but the unwrap wouldn’t appear like i thought it would.