Practice Image

Hi there.
I dunno about this image. Was trying to create a simple ‘nice’ scene. I guess good images come with time, knowledge and practice.
Another one bites the dust im thinking…
Colour scheme for example i think needs improvement. Other than that, i just don’t know.
K, thnx for looking.
Later. if there

Wow, looks like you’ve put some time into this scene! Don’t throw it out. Looks to me like materials and lighting are the biggest road block you have going there.
The above links should help with that. A scene like yours will probably require more than just a basic lighting setup for it to look good. And working more with the materials is a must as well. You have a good start, you just need to take it to the next level.

holy dang don’t throw that out this is a good image with good concept. The one thing I noticed was that everest is a little to smooth and bulky. It’s tons of sharp ragged cliffs make it a little harder looking.,%20Nepal.jpg

Yah, that looks pretty nice. I agree with Soter though, the lighting and materials could use some work. The main things I notice are the marble texture on the floor and the foreground doesn’t really transition into the background very well, it looks kinda pasted on. To fix the marble, I think you could maybe just make the texture appear smaller. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen those patterns on marble so large, correct me if you have however. Also try to get rid of that glare, it’s a little distracting. Besides those things, it’s a very good image.

Vincimus: I don’t know if he meant to make that mountain everest, but just a mountain in general. It could use some sharper edges however now that I look at it.

Oh…lol sorry I guess it was the asian thing that got me guessing…

Soter: I really appreciate that. I mean i really do. I knew from start that my materials and lighting were the main killers. They always r. To be blunt, i have read through both those tutes b4hand, obviously i didn’t take em to heart and need to focus more. :slight_smile: But ty for realising the time i put into the scene. I know exactly what you mean by taking it to the next level, i just can’t do it yet. Nonetheless, ty.
Vincimus: Thnx for your input. I know your learning just like me, i think ‘nadaklan’ summed it up. Im not Asian in the slitest degree… They have some nice detailed arcticture which i thought would be interesting to model though.
nadaklan: The transition between back and foreground helps alot. I’ll try fix that. To be honest, i thought it looked ok . But i’ll take your word for it. The marble, is no surprsie, i totally agree with you. I agree with nearly everything that has been said so far. Its easy to be a critic but when your own work is online the perspective changes. hehe

J, interesting concept. As stated, materials and lighting need improvement.
I think keep going with it.