Practice lighting and texturing with these FREE scenes!

I found them following a link from CGTalk, have fun playing around with them. I am thinking of starting a contest of our own based on one of those scenes… :eyebrowlift2:

I already did the fruit bowl : ]

might try one of the others if I have time

EXCELLENT - thanks for that!
I’m struggling a bit with lighting etc (well, OK, with modelling and texturing too!) so pre-built scenes will be SOOOO useful to me!

Good work fella - have a *

gr8!link! Thank you!

here is another
Please follow the rules about giving the artist credit They have had some problems with this in the past. I did the living room from 3dallusions and the dock from
my WIP(they are old)
the dock
the living room.

Thank you very much shr1k, there are even sites that link directly to our scenes without even linking to 3DA let alone giving credit to the author :wink: Means a lot to see people respecting proper etiquette :wink:

This are cool. I usually think of projects that may not be too modeling intensive so that I can focus on lighting, texturing, etc. I find it better for me to do that and just focus on one or two aspects to improve or practice so these will be helpful.

All these models were from the lighting challenges hosted by jeremy birns at cgtalk ( see here )

I once participated in the christmas lighting challenge ( #13). The most useful aspect of doing this is the direct feedback you get from jeremy himself and see the different ways how other people are approaching the same scene.

So its highly recommended just to browse through all the challenge threads and see and learn.