Practice w/ Character Modelling

Hello Everyone! Just so you know I have been off of blender for at least seven months now :(. Since I am now using it again I am starting to develop more of an interest in 3d modelling than the last time I was using Blender (honestly I had no time to draw or do anything art like this year considering I had a busy grad year lol).
Anyways I have been practicing off of the tutorials from blenders website (I have also been teaching a friend of mine how to overcome problems in blender from what I remember lol). The tutorials there havent been cutting to the chase however, what I really want to learn is how model human anatomy and creature so I extend my imagination of what I picture in mind into the ways of the 3d modeller :wink: !


 ....Nurbs are very irratating....

Uh. So what are you asking for? Tutorials? This is a good beginner one to model Joan of Arc: Not Blender specific, but all the steps still apply.


Thanx that really helps, I’ll be good on the rest of the way through the tutorial. Even though it is not blender I will figure it out :wink:

Theory, lots of theory: