Here is my second ever post in this area, not much change from the wip, but I finally am gonna post the finished model. Hope you guys like it. I am a drummer, so it is my own snare head texture.Believe it or not, blender internal render.

this qualifies for the “Is it Real…or is it Blender?” category. 5*

wow! thats super awesome! it could totally pass for real! 5*

Great work and high realism! Good job getting the internal renderer to output this.


beautiful realism! The only thing that bugs me is your logo in the upper-right corner, its a little distracting from the awesomeness.

No way! And I was telling myself in my head: " That has got to be YafRay render. "

Awesome work, it looks really real and it has a lot of atmosphere and realistic effects.:eyebrowlift2: The texturing is brilliant and made perfectly. Great job! I really love it!

I just want to hit it, to see if it sounds as good as it looks!!
Excellent work.
This belongs in the “look at this then” category when people complain about the internal renderer.:smiley:

Awsome little render, 5 stars.

What settings did you use for the metal effect?

Here you go. And for you guys wondering what a yafray render would like, here it is: (pretty much same setup)

Thanks for the material setup.

The yafray looks awful without any lights and specials covering it up. The blender internal render looks much better. :slight_smile:

Looks Verry real, can we have a set of sticks next to it, i think ihat would look good

But Still, SWEET!

great work.

the first thing i noticed was the logo on the drum “skin” - it looks out of focus or blurred. perhaps that’s realistic tho.

could use some sticks. :wink:


NICE, not much more to say, a clear 5* piece.

VERY realistic!! great job…

Very , very nice render and very good texture. Perfectly!


That really neat - almost like something you’d take off a camera!

Man,that look like a picture, 5 stars

Thank you. Hope everybody still likes it.

Dude, this snare is BAD! I would love to see a full drum kit like this. Seriously photo-realistic. Five stars.