Learning the basics.

Nice, but you need to lower the brightness on the image seen through the window I think. You can check this in the Image Viewer, just run your mouse over the pixels (hold LMB down) and you will see the intensity values at the bottom of the window - the white is way too high.

Cheers, Clock.

Ive been trying to learn about the 3 point light system on youtube videos.
Learning how to adjust the 3 lights. Window light is still to high.

Im trying to get a waxy floor look but not sure. I might not have the right windows
reflections as in the images here:

I really like the plants and couch! The sculpting wrinkles is very nice. The floor looks very shiny. The trees out the window are interesting, What are they? A picture, an HDRI? They look good though.

So looking at the waxy floor from the behance picture mentioned before on my post, there is in the roughness variation, there are scuffs in the floor. It’s not perfectly smooth. It’s much rougher in the picter then your floor is which looks perfectly smooth. So the roughness should be a little higher and ideally have variation similar to what waxed floors look like. And the way the reflections of light looks in the floor will be very different in a floor with higher roughness, the light is almost smooshed about and doesn’t reflect so sharply back.
But your shiny floor also looks really good as it is too.

The trees on the window is a photo which I found on the net and can be used for free.
Not using an HDRI on this scene, just 3 area lights.
Not sure about the floor yet and need to do more testing with other scenes.
Also more reference images here:
The couch is a free model from:

Add a vase from the SketchUp 3d Warehouse.