Practices, learning, and stuff I want to show off...from a Newb.

So I wanted to post the stuff I’m learning in a running thread. I hope this is an appropriate place. This is my first week with Blender and I am really enjoying it. I found a lot of great tutorials on YouTube and Thanks to everyone who does these beginner tutorials.

First I made the “Washington Monument”
Then I made a Mug and animated it. I made a Dino egg and a sky dome. I attempted to make some dirt…not so hot. And played with the camera a little.

And Finally…I made the balloons tutorial! Which was a huge undertaking for me, but I’m pretty proud!

Well, first welcome… Everybody start to learn and you aren’t the exception :slight_smile:
I recommend you move on without fear:)

Greetings! :slight_smile:

Ops! :stuck_out_tongue: I sorry, but you can post much images in the thread main.
But your renders I like me :stuck_out_tongue: