Practicing realistic renders with Blender Internal Renderer

Welp, not much to say other than rendered with Blender Internal Renderer.

ShadedAO, a sun lamp with soft raytraced shadows. The render may of taken about 4 minutes to complete. I don’t remember, wasn’t paying attention.

If you reply I might remeber to check back to this thread. I might not though.

Thanks for checking it out.

EDIT: New image.

It woould have looked realistic if the cube wasn’t so flatly shaded.

I agree. The sphere looks good. But the AO messes up the shading on the cube. It’s got a shadow from AO on the lit up side, and the AO shadow on the shady side is too regular.

New image.

Much more realistic. The odd AO shadows are still there, but aren’t noticable on the new cube material. Well done. The only thing now is overcoming the cognitive dissonance of such a well-rounded concrete ball :spin: .

There seems to be some slight texture stretching on the ball, too.

And also there’s not much sense of scale. Pretty real though.

Besides the AO shadow, yes, it looks real.