practicing uv texturing and lighting

I was playing around today with uv texturing and lighting some, ended up with this.

Modelled/UV unwrapped in Wings
UV Tex in Photoshop
Lighting/Rendering Blender


bit dark for me…

neat, but dark… light it up! don’t hide your work in darkness, never to be found!

Definitley too dark. From what I can see, it looks good.

But it is very basic, just some walls. So why not UV map in Blender? It would be very easy with this model.


I’m trying to get used to wings modelling and uv mapping and even though it’s relatively simple I’m sure I would have found a way to make it hard in blender.

I didn’t notice it was so dark until I looked at it away from my home computer.

I will try and get a better render later sometime.


Shay check your monitor brightness,
quick easy way, in whatever photo program you use, mspaint whatever, make an pure black image, RGB 0,0,0 … make it desktop image,

  1. turn contrast on full.
  2. move the desktop halfway off screen.
    3)adjust brightness till the desktop and the un-used monitor are the same,

This’ll give you the median point, this is how most monitors should be set. (colour profiles are another issue, see below)
if you get photo’s printed work backwards, get a sample one printed then hold it to your monitor and adjust your monitor to match the print, this way when you setup other photo’s you will have a referrence and be able to adjust brighness/contrast/colours etc in future images.

(if you find that the colours are way out, eg red is orange etc, you still have to work backwards, get a print sample, then hunt down a colour profile that matches, make your monitor match the image, not the other way around)
hope this helps :slight_smile: