Practicle way of working with cloth simulation in long animations.

Ok, so I’m a bit of a agile worker, doing working with the base animations first and then upwards with detail.
My practile use is a character with a blanket basically.

I want to be able to simulate like 1000 frames, save it in some way, and then start from 1000th frame and bake from there to try out the next 1000 frames.

Is there any really good way of doing this?
My only thought right now is to bake/simulate the 1000 frames, duplicate and apply, then use another object for the next 1000 frames.

Any thoughts/directions?

What about alembic files? Bake your simulation, export it as a alembic file and re-import it. Now you’ve got a fixed bake file on your hard drive and in your blend that is absolutely independend from everything else.
With this procedure you should be able to use always the same object without fiddeling around with the caching settings for the simulation