Praga V3S

Here is my second day WIP of old truck Praga V3s.

Update n. 2

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Update n.3

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Excellent work! The modeling looks superb.

Thank you, I’m just amazed how nice Blender is. (I switched from Maya/Modo). Tomorrow i will post next WIP screens.

Update n. 4



damn, great work start here. Love your modelling skills. Can’t wait the texturing ! Maybe can you post some wires ?

Thanks :slight_smile: Here are some wire-frame screenshot:

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Thanks, very inetresting. Have you already plan a specific scene ?

Update n.5

to Ookka: I still don’t know. For now I’m just enjoying to model something :slight_smile:

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It looks really nice! Pretty good work! Also your mesh. Quite clean! Hope to get these skills, one time.

Update n.6

to Rookie3D: thank you :wink:

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your work is amazing. Would you be willing to provide a model for enthusiastic Snowrunner players to create another amazing mode?


tvoje práce je úžasná. Byl by jsi ochotný poskytnout model nadšeným hráčům Snowrunneru pro vytvoření dalšího úžasného módu?

overall nice beginning

do you have a specific reference photo for this model

i was checking on web and looks like the grill in front is more inward - may depends on model too!
also i think there is a box at bottom of front door !

old truck Praga V3s - Bing images

happy bl

Nice model… I do not see this truck before… I think, interesting ‘retro’ design.

I forgot to post the render :slight_smile:

Very nicely done – I especially like the tarp. The lighting is very good, too. All that "u-u-u-uge attention to detail" surely did pay off! :+1:

i like the green dirt on truck

can you show the nodes set up for this paint + dirt

looking very nice and dirty LOL

happy cl