Pray for your computer!

Hope you liked it!


don’t get the last one.

but oh well


lol my mom has that prayer on a keychain. :smiley:

your mums a geek is she?

must be :stuck_out_tongue: sounds like somthing my dad would do (only he doesn’t use linux :P)


no, the serenity prayer…ya know…its pretty common…

I didn’t write the prayer, I just added the pictures.

lol, I’m gonna put that next to my computer.


As I understand, a lot of people get annoyed by this little “helper” poping up every two seconds, asking if you want to do something that’s got nothing to do with
your task.

That was a good one :smiley:

everytime i see this paper-clip thingy from office some odd thoughts come to my mind. usually they sound like this:


Hiding the office assistant never works; it always comes back. This is one of the many reasons I now use openoffice for everything.

I believe we all get get that same bubbly feeling inside.

I must be doing something right then, 'cause it never shows up anymore on my comp (Office XP on Win XP home).


I must be doing something right then, 'cause it never shows up anymore on my comp (Office XP on Win XP home).

Prismatic, are you turning it off, or just hiding it? Hiding it does just that; hides it. That damned paper clip is still present in the background.

To turn the office assistant completely off, right click on it and click “Options…”. In the Options tab, uncheck the check box next to “Use Office Assistant”. Since I did that, I have never had it re-appear on my system.

a prime example of something that makes people say “I hate microsoft. Their OS is too damned stupid and never does anything right!” As we see here (and in most cases) its more of an operator problem.

This is why I can’t stand those people that need to be “saved from microsoft.”



The problem is between the keyboard and the chair. :wink:


I always was just checking the modelling forums, never off-topic, and I was worried that this happened in Elysiun… I use Linux and love it, and I do not like Windows for the most part, but I don’t like linux is better than windows kind of threads… I see the Linux forums I dwelve in are full of Windows hate and I hate it. Seems like a cult :frowning:

I use Windows because it’s sort of a standard. Not in the case of hosting web servers, but I’m not doing that so I don’t care. Windows runs perfectly fine on my system and I haven’t had a single OS-related crash since I bought this computer back in February.

Linux is powerful, rock-solid and FREE. But I find it’s too much of a hassle having to go through numerous command line parameters, dependency issues and steps to install a downloaded program when you can do it in 3 clicks in Windows. Not for the everyday, casual user. More for the stay-awake-all-night-eating-soda-crackers-compiling-soundcard-drivers-but-must-find-and-compile-all-43-dependencies-and-their-dependencies-first people. (No offense to the linux users here.)

Regularly maintain the OS (defrag, scandisk, or clear out unused files once in a while), and it should always work fine. It’s not that hard.