Praying Mantis UPDATED 5/20

I’ve been working on this bug for a few hours now. Didn’t bother to take any shots of it in the beginning. I was in the zone. haha.

anyways C&C welcome.

I still have the head to do, and wished I knew how to rig.

I got multiple shots of it and ill also put up the ref image

anybody got any comments?

looks great! Add the details on the bottom of the abdomen. The Textures/envioroment should be top notch for this model

Looks great man… nice modelling… Good luck with the head. The one thin I think could use some wrk is how the wings attach to the body… I have no Idea how they do in real, but… Thats what pictures are for.

the head came out pretty good I think. the mandibles i think they’re called, are a little hard to see but they’re there.

for the antennae I had the idea to use particles. it works great. only i can’t get one to come out the other base. any ideas?

also the head and body are two objects and not connected, so i need to figure out how to make them one object and one mesh as well. and also fix the ends of the back legs.

and yes. the abdomen is going to be modeled a bit further, and also reshaped a bit.


Looks fantastic.

Here’s a small update. I added to her back.


I was just messing with Ambient Occlusion. I like the effect. :smiley:

haven’t gotten around to edditing the model anymore.


Alright. well I’m done for tonight/this morning haha.

I completely redid the “arms” and made the spikes more menacing and realistic :stuck_out_tongue:

I also gave the abdomen some detail. and then made the wings closer to the body and straighter

Uhhhhhm what else. nothing I can think of.

so here’s the pics.

please C&C and give me your thoughts. ways to improve. etc etc :wink:



Nice job so far STCninja,
i like the spikes on the “arms” but the “arms” look like they have no depth almost Just-got-run-over-by-a-car worthy possibly make them round but keep the spikes flat.

Treb: you were right fo sho. i made the arms a bit bulkier, but not too much I don’t think. I also redid the “feet” of the back legs. but that’s about all.

I think the model is pretty much done.


what refrences are you using

im only used one main ref image, which I posted the link to it in the first post.

ive used google images to find loads of pics to take a look at to get ideas on what it should look like, but not really modeled from.

So I guess I can now say that I am successfully complete with the UV mapping. It was my first serious attempt too.

I did it to one side, and thankfully when i mirrored it the texture came with

once I get access to photoshop I’ll make the texture.

and I need to rig it so that I can pose it.

Anybody know where a very good tutorial is for rigging?
I’ve looked at them in the past but never could get anything to work.

so that’s that.
here’s my test picture. enjoy!