pre-final tableware

Here are pre-final renderings.

there are issues left (bad shadows etc.) but my time is up.
i also dont realy know why in some cases geometry produced
worse results than in other renderings.

guess i have to spent even more time with yafray which i dont
understand completly yet!

comments regarding design?
I only had 6 days.



“Jimmy! Have a taste of this soup i made”

“mmm! it looks delicous mom!”

no, that is what you use for opium shots.

it deals with consumption which is like a drug/addiction

On the knife, the space between the needle-like cylinder and the handle to the knife, there are wierd blotches of shadow, perhaps raise the cylidar a bit or lower it to increase or remove the shadows. I’m guessing they are being caused by some sort of attackment below that is very small. Also, even though the knife has a gold bubble end on the lower handle, the upper handle I think should be treated the same way, just looks very lacking up there and when you look at it next to the other two it really looks missing. Not sure I really understand what they are, I get that it’s “consumption” but the pre-renders look really good. Do you plan to HDRI render these with yafray? Would probably get some nice results. Keep it up :smiley:

this are hdri renderings with yafray.

i did not have the time to find out how to remove the blotches.

well now i can do it.


hmm, I really liked those renders. I can guess that model is probably done now ? only problem I see is that there are some artifacts in the renders where there are close parallel lines. But that is not much of a problem you can increase the no of samples.

good work
and man those are scary looking instruments

hi garphik,

thankx for the comment,

i tried the highest settings, i rather htink i have to use photons to help out but that increased rendertime so much that i skipped it. also i do not have enough experience with yafray.

i have to do first some mroe test scenes to understand how to get rid of those bad shadows and how toget propper caustics without illuminating everything like hell.


I could Use that knife in so many deathly ways those are the utencilss from hell. Over all excellent work :< :o :Z

I’d hate to do the dishes with this set, nice work though!

the work is just about drug consumption.
people consume drugs like food.


wait… it’s NOT food? :o